Sovvertire il domestico. Femminismo e mitologia del femminile nell’arte di Clemen Parrocchetti


  • Caterina Iaquinta

Parole chiave:

Contemporary Italian art, Feminist Art, Women artist, Italian Feminist Art, Art Theory, Embroidery, Textiles


This contribution focuses on the figure of Clemen Parrocchetti (1923-2016) and her activity from 1969 to 1989. In these two decade the artist’s work evolves from painting into a specific use of the textile medium where she combines the female imaginary to a feminist identity. Clemen Parrocchetti, in fact, subverts the sphere of domesticity to a new relationships between feminism and creativity. Moreover the experience of collective work  with Gruppo Immagine up to the end of the ’70s and the begin of the ‘80s marks the transition through a "mythological" point of view. The activity of Clemen Parrocchetti will be re-read in this essay following the guidelines of a vision of art history that tends to dismantle the female stereotype within the inclusive writing processes of art history.

Biografia autore

Caterina Iaquinta

Phd, Catholic University, Milan

Faculty, Naba, Nuova Accademia Belle Arti, Milano