Oggetto, spazio, immagine: micro-avventure spaziali dell'arte italiana (1950-1972)


  • Massimo Maiorino

Parole chiave:

Contemporary Italian Art, Art Criticism, Italian exhibition of Sixties and Seventies




From 1950 to 1972 the most important period of the race towards space is realized; in the same period the Visual Arts in Italy work on the spatial imagery, sometimes also by bright anticipations, and they implement an equally radical transformation of their operative language. The article intends to investigate the common condition between Visual Arts and spatial research, identifying three steps that characterize three different phases: a phase of the object, a phase of the space-environment, a phase of the image.

Biografia autore

Massimo Maiorino


Massimo Maiorino is an art historian and a PhD in Methods and Methodologies of Archaeological, Historical and Artistic Research and of Territorial Systems (2015). He is a scholarship holder at the University of Salerno and he recently collaborated with the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome.





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