Il miracolo nel pensiero di Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: salto mortale, percezione e libertà


  • Gloria Dell'Eva PTH Brixen


Parole chiave:

Jacobi Friedrich Heinrich, Salto mortale, Miracolo, Libertà, Percezione


In my article, I analyse the topic of the miracle in the philosophy of Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi (1743-1819). In Concerning the Doctrine of Spinoza in Letters to Herr Moses Mendelssohn (Spinoza Letters - 1785), Jacobi used the metaphor of the somersault (salto mortale) to represent faith. In my article, I start with the question of whether this movement, due to its acrobatic difficulty, can be interpreted as something miraculous or as something that arouses wonder. Furthermore, I show the meaning of each stage of the somersault in the Spinoza Letters. Finally, I analyse the expressions “miracle of perception” (in Jacobi to Fichte - 1799) and “miracle of freedom” (in the Introduction to the Author’s Collected Philosophical Works - 1815), which Jacobi explicitly combines with the somersaultortale.






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