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The Trento Student Law Review (ISSN 2612-4874) is an international, open access, online-only law journal, entirely student-run and student-edited. It was founded in 2017 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento.
The Law Review is published every six months and it is committed to the comparative approach, which characterizes the Trento Law Faculty. The Law Review publishes articles both in Italian and in English, with the declared aim to foster the research, the exchange and the discussion in the legal area. It encourages a multidisciplinary approach towards the legal phenomenon in order to engage scholars interested in contemporary legal studies.

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On the passing of Prof. Rodolfo Sacco


The announcement of Professor Rodolfo Sacco's death is a source of great sorrow for all of us at the Trento Student Law Review. We warmly remember the support and encouragement with which he welcomed the establishment of our Law Review, for which he wrote the opening note of our first volume - Issue 0. A founding father of studies in comparative law, Professor Sacco's works are a point of reference for all law students since the very beginning of their studies at the University of Trento Law Faculty.

His passing will leave a void in the academic community.

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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2022)
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Why a new law review? Was it necessary?
Why a student-run law review? Was it necessary?

Rodolfo Sacco
Emeritus Professor of the University of Turin

Well, this new law review fills a gap. Those who carefully follow what is happening in the Italian university environment, those who have understood and understand what has happened and what is happening in the Trento Law Faculty, those who are sensitive to the symptoms and indices of new needs and new vocations in the world of culture find confirmed, in the event that is announced, what the history of the Trentino Faculty, the current reality of the Faculty, the atmosphere that is breathed in that Faculty, make plausible, make possible, make real.

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