The Reform of the Church in Cusano and Rosmini


  • Marco Moschini Università degli Studi di Perugia


Parole chiave:

Riforma, ecclesiologia, teologia, teologia della storia, Cusano, Rosmini, Reform, Ecclesiology, Theology, Theology of History, Cusanus


The contribution starts from the delineation of the concept of "reform" not as a revolutionary act of change but as a movement within the historical dynamism of the Church. The Church is the reality and the temporal figure of the eternal message, which is always the same in its essence. In this way the profoundly theological sense of the concept of reform takes on great importance. It is in fact a question of re-forming, or of rethinking the Church in its multiple directions - understanding it in its historical sense and, at the same time, in its theological foundation. Cusanus and Rosmini could not therefore avoid the question of the Church reform. Their thought, fully inscribed in the ontotheological and  metaphysical matrix, has thus been translated into an ecclesiological reading - both faithful to the genuine Christian inspiration of their philosophizing.