Identity and Education in Informational Society


  • Paolo Bonafede Università di Trento


Parole chiave:

Identità digitale, educazione nella società digitale, società informazionale, HCI (human-computer interactions), educazione umanistica.


Starting from a theoretical recognition of the classical positions on identity, we propose an integrated concept of human identity. It assumes the relationship between man and technology as an unavoidable feature. This hypothesis – based on the paradigm of the informational society – focuses on the consequences of the constant interaction between human beings and information and communication technologies (ICT), showing several effects on habits and on formation of human identity determined by digital technologies. According to an axiological point of view, we intend to identify potentialities and risks of this interaction, recovering a humanistic orientation at the basis of education.

Biografia autore

Paolo Bonafede, Università di Trento

Professore a contratto in Pedagogia della socialità digitale,

Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia, Università di Trento






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