La «diceria che la religione offenderebbe la totalità dei giudizi della scienza naturale»: «senso dell’infinito» e miracolo in Schleiermacher


  • Omar Brino Esercitatore Università di Trento



The article proposes an analysis of Schleiermach's discussion of the question of miracles, a discussion which lasted for more than thirty years - from the first edition of On Religion: Speeches to Its Cultured Despisers in 1799 to the last edition of the Glaubenslehre in 1830/31. This discussion places itself on the one hand at the conclusion of the long process of hermeneutic accommodation of religious contents with respect to post-Copernican science and, on the other hand, at the beginning of a further season of religionistic research: the problem of the miracle either as accommodation, or as a contrast between science and religion is, in fact, transcended towards a properly religious understanding of it.






Focus 1