Investigación biomédica, tratamiento de muestras genéticas humanas y biobancos


  • Teresa M. Navarro Caballero


Parole chiave:

biobanks, genetic data, medical research, autonomy, consent


Biomedical research is fundamental to improving the quality and life expectancy of citizens and increase their welfare. The science´s progress results in the appearance of new analytical tools that creates hope for the treatment of untreatable pathology. However, the scientific-technological advances generate ethical and legal uncertainties that need to be regulated with prudence because affect human identity. It´s necessary to have a regulatory framework to defend the rights of the persons that participate in a biomedicine research. In Spain, the Law 14/2007, de Investigación Biomédica, proclaims the free autonomy to take part in a biomedicine research. This paper is a reflection on the indispensable consent to participate in that research, devoting special attention to treatment of the biological samples in biobanks.


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Navarro Caballero TM. Investigación biomédica, tratamiento de muestras genéticas humanas y biobancos. BioLaw [Internet]. 26 maggio 2014 [citato 4 marzo 2024];(1):243. Available at: